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Plumbing Franchises For Sale in the USA.

Plumbing franchises are always in demand, we all look after our houses very seriously. This is why the plumbing industry has increased for years and it has a massive customer base for these kinds of services. Firstly we will share some statistics around the possible customer base their is available in the plumbing industry to help anyone get a feel for the market.

What are the best plumbing franchises for sale in the United States in 2022?

Problems can happen all the time and this is why people prefer to call in the experts and people who are more qualified in their fields. Since people are always very keen to get their house up and running again and have problems fixed. Now we will share some facts and statistics around the plumbing industry collected within previous years.

Statistics around the plumbing industry.

  • The plumbing industry has seen an increase of 0.8% in the last 5 years which shows a steady increase in demand in the UK.
  • The UK plumbing market size is around £6 billion British pounds
  • There are over 149,098 in the UK employed within the plumbing sector.
  • There are 37,289 plumbing businesses currently open in the UK.
  • The plumbing industry in the US is growing much faster by more than doubling the UK’s growth in the last 5 years by growing by 2.2%
  • The market size of plumbing in the US is worth a stunning $113 billion US Dollars.
  • Also there are currently 27 million homes in the UK.

What does this show for the plumbing market?

Overall these statistics show the market for plumbing services is constantly increasing and there is a massive customer base and not just in the UK and US the plumbing industry is massive worldwide. These statistics where just provided to give you a feel of the industry. So overall the plumbing industry is showing great signs of increasing annually and providing excellent job opportunities to working class people who need the support most.

Top Plumbing Franchise Opportunities For Sale in 2022

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