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Franchiseek was established in 1999 and since then, has helped thousands of prospective franchisees find their ideal franchise globally. The Franchiseek franchise directory lists hundreds of opportunities for sale in 60 countries worldwide including international master franchise opportunities in our master franchise directory.

As well as listing hundreds of master franchise opportunities & international business franchises for sale, browse through the latest global franchising news. Browse through hundreds of franchises for sale in your local country franchise directory to find your ideal franchise.

Find out more about franchises in your local USA region by clicking on an industry category below. You can use the industry category search to discover franchises for sale by industry in the USA. Whether they are Spanish or United Kingdom franchises looking to expand into the USA, or are local USA based businesses looking to grow more outlets in USA, find a franchise using the industry search below.

What is Franchising?

Franchising provides a means of owning and running a business for yourself, but not by yourself. A franchise is an agreement between two parties; the franchisor and franchisee.

The franchisor provides trade mark or trade name of an established business model along with details of business operations, and a franchisee is someone who pays an initial investment, sometimes in conjunction with ongoing fees, which provides them with a license to trade under those trade marks or trade names and run an established business.

Business format franchising is the type most identifiable to the average person. In a business format franchise relationship, the franchisor provides to the franchisee not just its trade name, products and services but an entire system for operating the business. The franchisee generally receives site selection and development support, operating manuals, training, brand standards, quality control, a marketing strategy and business advisory support from the franchisor.

There are a huge range of franchises for sale on the Franchiseek franchise directory, from catering franchises, automotive franchises and cleaning franchises to pet related franchises and plumbing. You’re sure to find your ideal franchise at Franchiseek international franchise directory.

Why Buy a Franchise?

Simply put, when buying a franchise, you’re buying a proven business model. Unlike starting up your own business from scratch, a franchisor has already created the business trademark and brand name, with all past mistakes identified and resolved.

The franchisor will have replicated that franchise business across multiple territories already with other franchisees all following in the franchisor’s successful footsteps.

This is why franchises generally have a better success rate when compared to business startups. In fact, many leading experts and franchise associations claim franchise start-up success rates are over 95%, far greater than when you set-up a business on your own.

When buying a franchise, you’ll often receive everything you need to get a good start. After all, your success is the franchisor’s success. The franchisor will want you to achieve because you’re trading under their brand name and they want you to build a successful reputation that will have a good impact on them, and their many other franchisees.

Get started today and find your ideal franchise with Franchiseek International.

The United States has always been a huge country when it comes to franchising but now in recent years it has grown even further which shows what a great opportunity and customer base you will get access to upon investing in to one of our franchise opportunities in the USA. Also below we will list some statistics that have been collected in the United States within previous years around franchising listing a few different industries.

Statistics around franchising in the USA

Below we will list some statistics collected around the franchising sector in the USA some of these statistics may surprise you. Because franchising has always played a huge part in the United States growth and economy but now its has got even bigger which suggest that now may be the better time ever to make that enquiry to one of our franchise opportunities we offer in our United States franchise directory.

  • In 2018, it is estimated that there will be some 759,200 franchise establishments in the United States, outputting some 760 billion U.S. dollars and employing over eight million people. The costs of opening a franchise in the United States are substantial.
  • In 2015 in the USA there was over 37,000 full service Restaurant franchise establishments.
  • Hair salon franchises have seen a huge growth over the previous 5 years in the USA of 2.4%
  • Men’s personal care industry is predicted to hit $166 billion worldwide by 2022—an approximate growth rate of 5.4% in the six years from 2016, according to Allied Market Research.
  • The pet industry which has also seen a staggering increase in recent years also has a huge customer base in the USA did you know over 63.4 million households in the USA have a dog?
  • Also it was found in the USA that over 67% of total households have some kind of pet.

What do these statistics show for franchising in the USA?

Overall these statistics show that the market for franchising in the United States is at an all time high in many different industries. Also there are many other perks when running your own franchise such as running your own business and becoming your own boss. Also franchises are a lot safer to run than independent businesses since with franchising you get training and constant support from the franchisor which is one of the main reasons why franchise businesses have a much higher success rate in the United States. So if you are interested in buying a franchise what are you waiting for? Have a browse through our franchise directory today containing exciting franchise opportunities in 30 different industries.

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