Best Business Advisory Franchises For Sale

DICE Business Franchise

Posted : 10/01/2023
What is DICE Business? The word DICE is an acronym for our values, which reflect the work we do with...
Seedl Franchise

SeedL Franchise

Posted : 22/12/2022
Discover a Recession-Proof B2B Training Franchise Own a part of your future with the potential to earn a considerable income,...

activ Marketing Franchise

Posted : 02/11/2021
Join the UK's Longest Running Digital Marketing Franchise Combine the beauty of being your own boss, flexible working and a...

Top Business Advice Franchises in 2022

Over the past few years there has been an increasing demand for businesses to get the support they need. This is why the business advisory market internationally has been growing at a fast rate for many years. Because their is a higher demand for services such as business consultants and more.

Find the best business advisory franchises for sale in the USA.

We offer a broad variety of different business related franchises for sale at Franchiseek. So if you think the only business advisory opportunities available are consultancy you are mistaken. Because now businesses use multiple third parties to help their business thrive and get their companies where they need to be financially and through quality advice. We will now list a few of the opportunities you will see here at Franchiseek :

  • Business Consultancy Opportunities : Consultancy franchises have been trending in the franchising sector for many years now since there is a huge customer base for services such as these internationally.
  • Cost Reduction Opportunities : Cost reduction services have helped businesses for years now. By cutting off unnecessary costs businesses are making or investing in to these services really help businesses daily to not waste money and thrive that much further.

Why the Business Advisory Sector Is Trending in 2022

I will now list some statistics collected in previous years around why there is such a high demand for business advisory services within businesses. Some of these statistics and facts may surprise you and it truly lets you know how many people are running their own businesses in the modern world.

Did you know?

  • 1 in 10 people run their own businesses.
  • There have been just over 25 million people in the US running their own businesses.
  • In 2015 the US hit a record breaking 27 million entrepreneurs.
  • Small businesses in the US contribute to 64% of the USA’s employment opportunities.
  • 55% of people running their own businesses in the US was to become their own boss this was collected in a recent survey.
  • A whopping 50% of small businesses started in the US fail within the first 12 months.
  • It has been found the primary reason businesses fail in the first year by poor advice.

What does this trend show for the business advisory sector in 2022?

Overall these statistics show a massive market for business advisory services to small businesses. It also shows how many people are building their own companies these days from the ground up. Also the most significant statistic I would say from this analysis of the US is that the 50% of businesses seem to fail from poor advice or support. This shows how important business advisory services are for small businesses to keep a business thriving financially.

Browse top business advisory franchises for sale in the USA with Franchiseek.