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Education Franchises For Sale in 2022

Education franchises are becoming a growing trend across the world by prospective franchisees, not just because of their profitability.
90% of adults have children by the age of 50 and all will require education to prepare them for adulthood.

What are the best education franchises for sale in the USA with Franchiseek.

There are many different education franchise opportunities available, and what makes this franchising sector exciting is that new types of education franchises are developing every few years. For example, computer coding franchises such as ComputerXplorers. Coding franchises didn’t exist a decade ago but developments in technology have lead to advances in the latest education for children.

Types of Education Franchises Available in 2022

There are so many different types of education franchises, here are just some of the many that are available to buy today.

  • Tuition Franchises – most tuition franchises operate as a management franchise, which means you yourself don’t have to teach children. Franchises vary but many will require you to employ home teaching staff for your tuition franchise for your local area.
  • Computer Tuition Franchises – like the aforementioned ComputerXplorers, computer tuition franchises teach children about technology and computer science.
  • After/Before School Club Franchises – parents that work during the day may not necessarily be available to pick their children up after school. After school club franchises are in growing demand because of this. Franchises like Manna-Seh Childcare offer after school and holiday activity clubs. Many childcare franchises provide education that bolsters children’s knowledge at schools.
  • Educational Sports Franchises – there are many sports franchises which provide children with fun activity classes outside of school.
  • Not all franchises teach children. You’ll find that a number of franchises around the world also provide Adult Education.

One of the benefits of an education franchise, is that your in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Unlike a business startup, an education franchise is a proven and successful business model which has been replicated across multiple franchisees and their territories.

Top Education Franchise Opportunities in 2022

It’s easy to see why many prospective franchisees are investing in an education franchise. Browse a wide range of the best education franchise opportunities at Franchiseek.

Browse top education franchises for sale in the USA