Green Square Opens Showroom in Kent

Green Square, one of the UK’s leading renewable energy companies, recently opened a new showroom in Kent. Launched officially by the Mayor of Medway, the branch franchise is owned by Baldeep Dhillon.

Here, Baldeep talks about why he chose Green Square for his future:

Why did you buy the Green Square franchise?
My background is in construction and I self-manage very well. I really wanted to be my own boss and make a positive change in my work life. A franchise is a great way to do this while having the support and expertise from the head office to help me build my business up.

You must have a passion for renewable energy then?
I truly believe that renewable energy is the future for our energy requirements. It is without doubt cleaner and more efficient in the long term. The technology and designs of modern renewables are developing at a great rate which also helps to create more jobs, in turn being good for the British economy. As a country we need to advance – not just homeowners and businesses but industries as a whole too – to become less dependent on fossil fuels, which will inevitably run out one day!

Green Square has the right business model and experts to help consumers understand what options they have available to them nowadays, for example, Biomass boilers that can be controlled from your smart phone.

Why is it important to invest in Rainham town?
It is important to invest in my local town as renewable energy can benefit the whole community. Medway council is very keen on reducing the borough’s carbon emissions and my showroom was given great support by the Mayor of Medway, Councillor Stuart Tranter, at the official opening.

I am always on hand to advise people on the options available and what the huge advantages of renewable energy are. People can sometimes find it difficult to understand new technologies but we are here to advise them on what would suit their household best. We welcome the community to pop in and find out for themselves how they can benefit.

Can green energy benefit businesses as well as homeowners?
Green energy sources can benefit homeowners and businesses, not only in terms of the long standing positives for our environment but also the many financial savings that can be had. Using renewable energy products will save on monthly bills but in addition to that, there are government incentives for businesses. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) gives qualifying businesses with green energy sources quarterly financial payments.

The initial outlay may seem pricey but the long-term savings make renewable energy a very attractive option. Keeping carbon emissions down also gives companies a better social image as investors and customers can see that they are innovative and have a keen interest in caring for the environment.
Baldeep can be found at his Rainham Green Square showroom five days a week and is happy to offer his expertise and advice to homeowners and businesses.