Celebrating the fun in franchising

Granite Transformations is set to celebrate International Fun at Work Day on 29th January with their global network of over 150 franchisees and their franchise support teams in North America, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Best known for their revolutionary ‘top that fits on top’ concept, Granite Transformations’ beautiful, high-grade work surfaces are fitted directly over existing kitchen worktops, tiled walls and other finishes including flooring, eliminating the need for demolition, shortening refurb project timescales and reducing costs.

Danny Hanlon, Chief Operating Officer for Europe & North America, explains, “People join us as franchise owners from many different backgrounds. Sometimes they have been business owners before but want a new business with a recognisable brand to start-up quickly and be profitable sooner. Others want to be masters of their own destiny after redundancy or want to grow a business for their family’s future but they need the support of a franchise team to make it happen. Ultimately, our franchisees find it more rewarding being part of our franchise than their previous careers.”

Husband and wife team, Helen and David Thomas, wanted to return to the UK after 10 years of running their own business in France. The Granite Transformations franchise enabled them to start a business back at home in the Wirral that saw them taking orders on the day they opened. Helen explains how they’ve done, “We had a great first year and it’s been the catalyst for us to expand. Our first 12 months trading turnover was over £400k. We smashed our projected business plan by 18% and we employ 2 fitters, 2 fabricators and 1 full-time equivalent in our garden centre showroom. This year we will be creating a showroom within our factory site plus we have recently opened a second garden centre showroom in our new Liverpool territory.”

“Our ultimate goal is to make a million of course! We’re a long way off retirement and what we really want is a business to enjoy and run long term without the headaches we found with our business in France. We’re certainly enjoying it and the continued head office support limits the headaches. We’ve been able to take a break at Christmas and we can bring our two friendly dogs into the office who sleep under the desk most of the time,” she concludes.

Our teams will be tweeting about their fun at work on 28th January using #internationalfunatworkday