The Lifeologie Institute Turns to Franchising

Nearly one in five Americans experience mental health and relationship issues every year, yet available treatment options have been slow to adapt or encourage collaborative and client-centered care. Recognizing this void over the past decade, The Lifeologie Institute has been breathing new life into the psychotherapy field and is charging onto the national stage with franchise expansion.

Transforming the perception that therapists are solitary and relegated to selling their time, The Lifeologie Institute is the only counseling franchise that offers a collaborative and creative approach to client care along with a proven business model, allowing therapists to become business-owners with equity in their own careers. Having already impacted tens of thousands of families in its four offices throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth market, the company is ready to empower other clinicians to help hundreds of thousands more by growing through franchising. Lifeologie expects to sign its first franchise agreements in early 2016.

“The need for effective mental health treatment is greater than ever, but the old way of running a practice is no longer effective. We see a lot of clients come to us after years of bad therapy sessions,” said Melanie Wells, founder and Clinical Director at The Lifeologie Institute. “The Lifeologie Institute is providing the next step in treating mental health and relationship issues with multi-specialty, collaborative care in a comfortable, client-centered environment. One of the reasons we have been so successful with this type of business model is that our therapists take time to understand the problem and collaborate with other therapists to find creative solutions to stuck problems.”

After several years working in conventional counseling practices, Wells noticed that practices isolated both therapists and clients alike. There was little collaboration between therapists – creating a solitary work environment for therapists that led to ineffective, incomplete care for clients. She founded the LifeWorks Group in 1999 to bring a fresh approach to both problems. Wells brought many specialties under one roof, allowing th erapists to collaborate on cases and work as a team. Now known as the Lifeologie Institute, each location serves as a training facility where supervisors work together, training graduate-level and post-graduate interns in this unique, multiple disciplinary approach. Because of its innovative work as a training facility, Lifeologie is able to offer a wide range of fee options based on experience level, affording more individuals and families the ability to access the care they need.

In addition to being the first franchise of its kind in the industry, the Lifeologie Institute has the added advantage of offering potential investors a low-cost investment as well as a proven business model with the marketing machine, back-office systems and ongoing support in place to help franchisees succeed. The franchise opportunity is ideal for experienced therapists and other mental health and wellness clinicians ready to open their own practice and start generating revenue, as well as business-savvy entrepreneurs interested in joining a franchise with long-term growth potential.

“We understand the industry and the components that make a successful psychotherapy practice. With our focus on franchise expansion, we are excited to connect with like-minded therapists and entrepreneurs that are ready to grow a business while helping others,” added Lifeologie franchising’s co-founder Deanne Moore.

Beyond its collaborative nature, the Lifeologie Institute is always on the forefront of creative treatment options, namely psychotherapeutic yoga. The technique involves yoga poses as well as breathing techniques to help create lasting change in brain physiology, effectively treating a wide variety of complicated diagnoses. The company launched the Lifeologie Institute School for Psychotherapeutic Yoga (LISPY) early this year.