Are you ready to ditch the office?

Are you ready to ditch the office? If so, investing in a franchise could be the choice for you

After a prolonged period of pandemic-related uncertainty, many of us are re-evaluating our lives in some way. Many of us have experienced changes at work – perhaps being put onto furlough, switching to working from home, or even being made unemployed as businesses attempted to weather the economic storm.

Analysts have also noted that the pandemic has accelerated various economic and business trends. For example, home working is likely to be far more common in years to come, whether on a blended basis or 100% at home. Equally, the notion of a ‘job for life’ has now been completely eroded, and portfolio careers are often being replaced by a long series of different roles, directions, and stepping stones to a desired end-point.

The net result of this uncertainty is that a new wave of entrepreneurs have now had the time – and the life evaluation – needed to consider making the first step to business ownership. And franchising is increasingly the method of choice to owning that business.

The value of franchising

Franchising is growing fast and is set to create jobs faster than any other industry on a global scale. The economic value and number of businesses being created by the highly successful and proven franchise model continue to grow, as do the opportunities for ambitious and forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

Why ditch the office?

The reality is, if you’ve been sitting in an office for your career to date, you are probably already fed up with working for someone else. Are you tired of being expected to sit at a screen for defined hours every day – hours that suit your employer but which may make less sense to you and your life? Bored with a job that only uses part of your brain? Frustrated by having ideas to create and build a strong business which you can’t take forward in your current role? Hungry to experience success on your own terms?

Then it may be EXACTLY the right time to take a closer look at franchising!

The benefits of franchising

There are so many benefits to franchising which will be eluding you if you work in a ‘regular’ employed job for someone else. These include:

Choice of franchise

The franchise industry is booming and there are franchise opportunities in every industry you could think of. These include industries such as accountancy and business services franchises, cleaning franchises, education franchises, home services franchises, print & sign franchises, green franchises… and so many more.

The good news is that this offers such a range of opportunities depending on where your interests lie and where you already have experience. Already have years of experience working as a teacher? Then consider owning your own tutoring or education franchise. Always wanted to run your own B&B within a successful network? Consider a hospitality franchise. The world is your oyster!

A successful business model

When you buy into a franchise you buy into a highly successful and proven business model. This is the main attraction of franchising as it vastly increases your chances of success – especially when compared to independent businesses. Franchises have an established brand, an existing supplier network, a strong customer base, recognition and presence in the market, clear and proven logistics, products, and services that customers want. So you don’t need to start from scratch – you simply license your territory and get started.


Looking for a part-time pet franchise? Keen to build up a multi-geography food franchise and work every hour available to you? The choice is yours. There are different franchises for all levels of time and commitment and many work around your other commitments for a far more modern, rewarding way of working.


The satisfaction that comes from building a successful business, and from seeing your earnings grow, is huge. Successful franchise owners can make a lot of money and many report earning far more than they did as employees for other people. But success looks different for every franchisee, with others valuing the fact that they earn ‘enough’ but don’t work full time anymore. The beauty of franchising is that you pursue the model that works for you.

A network

When you buy into a franchise you also buy into a network of other franchise holders and this support network is invaluable. You will find ready training, other colleagues to talk to, events to attend, materials to help you and a powerful brand that you are immediately part of. This is a huge benefit to many entrepreneurs who enjoy the feeling of being part of a successful community.

These are just a few of the benefits of franchising, so what are you waiting for? Now is the time to do your research and consider your move.

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