Cobham mum launches eco-friendly housekeeping business

Moira Davy has enjoyed a successful and varied career in finance, training as an auditor before moving into industry, primarily within oil & gas and most recently within the pharmaceuticals Industry. But now she has elected to make a fresh start, choosing cleaning as she launches her own domestic homecare business, Bright & Beautiful which will be creating a number of jobs for local women and men in and around Cobham.

Moira, who lives in Cobham with her husband and young son, will be training, managing and developing teams of housekeepers to deliver ethical, professional and eco-friendly cleaning, tidying and laundry services, using only non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment.

Bright & Beautiful is a world away from Moira’s previous career which saw her working as an accountant and project manager for global brands including BP, British Gas and Sanofi, travelling the world and working with businesses in the USA and across Europe. With a young family to care for Moira wanted to find a new way of working that would allow her to build a locally based business and to balance her own work and family life. Now, with her own housekeeping business, Moira will be doing just that as well as creating a number of jobs for other women and men who want to have a career but not at the expense of family life.

Moira says: “Starting my own Bright & Beautiful business really is all about wanting to make a difference and to improve lives – from doing a great job for my clients who value their time, to training my team of housekeepers to be the best in class, to being able to build a business that allows me to enjoy my own work and home life equally. The ethos behind Bright & Beautiful is all about empowering people, so it is great to be able to work with others locally who share this mindset”

“Equally important to me is the eco friendly ethos behind all our housekeeping and management practices, especially at a time when allergies are on the increase. The average home now has over 60 toxic chemicals in it, so we make a point of only using non toxic and green products to really support the health of our clients, their children and pets.”

Bright & Beautiful is an award-winning business model that was founded by entrepreneur Rachel Ray in 2007. A busy working mum herself, Rachel spotted a gap in the market for a domestic cleaning company that provided full fair employment rights for its team, non-toxic cleaning products and an exceptional housekeeping service for its clients. Since then the business has grown from strength to strength with franchisees around the UK employing carefully vetted professional housekeepers and servicing thousands of clients.