2B Interface signs up first franchisee

Specialist staffing agency to work with manufacturing and warehousing businesses in Milton Keynes and surrounding area

Specialist joinery, metalwork and logistics staffing firm 2B Interface, has opened its first franchise branch in Milton Keynes. Open for business this week, the new branch is headed up by its new owner and regional manager, Laura McGimpsey.

Established in 2005, 2B Interface provides a comprehensive permanent and temporary staffing service to the joinery, metalwork and logistics sector. Sourced from its unique database of highly skilled and qualified personnel, the franchise branch will facilitate local demand for highly specialised roles within organisations in the Milton Keynes area, including joiners, metalworkers’ fabricators, sprayers, welders, and HGV and forklift drivers. Milton Keynes Council has predicted that the population for the area will reach 300,000 by 2026 – one of the highest growth rates in England – and the value of goods and services produced within the borough is also the third highest in the country.

McGimpsey opens the franchise branch bringing over 12 years’ experience in project management within manufacturing and distribution in the UK & Ireland, Nordics and South Africa, within the consumer electronics, peripherals, and IT hardware and software sectors.

Beatrice Bartlay, Managing Director and Founder, 2B Interface, stated: “Milton Keynes is a fast growing region with a high volume of joinery, metal work, warehousing and logistics companies. With national employment confidence steadily growing and currently at its highest figure since the recession hit in 2008, the first franchise branch comes at a great time to further help employers find the right staff for their specific needs.”

All professionals supplied by 2B Interface are profiled to ensure a tailored fit to the range of highly specialised roles in industry. It is also a flexible personnel solution; enabling employers to both reduce operating costs, as well as the administrative and payroll burden, since labour is balanced against production needs on a seasonal basis. 2B Interface provides the right skills at the right time by accommodating clients’ flexible requisites to meet changes in demand.

“Laura’s expertise in project management, forecasting, developing relationships, and effective marketing is a strong fit for the brand and I am so pleased to welcome her into the 2B Interface family,” said Bartlay.

McGimpsey commented: “My extensive experience in the global manufacturing industry means that I am able to directly address the ongoing challenge of sourcing specialised skills in particular areas that previously have been difficult to satisfy.

“As for starting my own business; I love the feeling of achieving my targets and resetting new goals. I chose to go down the franchise route because it not only gives me real flexibility around a work/life balance, but also an opportunity to grow a profitable business. I have talked with many previous franchises over the last four years, but not one has been able to demonstrate as strong a business opportunity and as good a fit for me as 2B Interface,” she added.