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Damp Detectives

Damp Detectives

Posted : 20/04/2020
The Damp Detectives Franchise Opportunity Damp Detectives was started by Robert Horne in 2009. Providing mould and damp surveys for...

Fantastic Services Franchise

Posted : 21/04/2020
Join Fantastic Services and start a home-maintenance business in an area of your choice Fantastic Services is a global company,...

Home Improvement Franchises

With the variety of different products available to make your house look better by the day its hard to implement all the ideas by yourself. This is all contributing to the rapid increase seen across the world lately around the home improvement sector.

Different types of home improvement franchises

When you think of a home improvement franchise if all you think of is cleaning sadly you are mistaken. Since franchising is seeing many types of tool shops and hardware businesses going in to franchising internationally. So there are two different industries which go in to the whole sector but also the hardware / retail side of home improvement gear is trending as well.

There are a wide range of home improvement franchises such as:

  • Construction franchises
  • Hardware store and retail home improvement franchises
  • Oven cleaning services and domestic cleaning in the household

Many of which can be run as a Management Franchise, which means you manage the staff, who carry out the home improvement workloads.

Why use Franchiseek to browse home improvement franchise opportunities?

I highly recommend you view our international franchise directory offering exciting home improvement franchise opportunities since 1998. We also offer a diverse range of franchise opportunities so if home improvement opportunities are not for you don’t worry since at Franchiseek we make sure there is something for everyone.