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The Haulage Franchise

Posted : 16/04/2020
Who are The Haulage Franchise The Haulage Franchise was set up with the intention of changing the transport industry. With...

Courier Franchises

The courier industry has always been huge globally, as now we are seeing more people ordering their shopping and other items online instead of visiting shops. Since now with the modern ages of tech people find it more convenient for what they ordered to come to them rather than going and getting it themselves. So with this advantage of tech constantly advancing now might be the time to make an investment and take advantage of the modern world and the potential customer base around you.

Types of Courier Franchises

There are a wide range of Courier franchises for sale across the world, including:

  • Green delivery franchises – there are a growing number of green courier franchises which don’t use a delivery van, but instead a bike. There is a growing number of courier franchises which use couriers on a bike to deliver goods, a more efficient way of delivering goods that is better for the environment.
  • Logistics management franchises – this usually consists of managing a depot with HGVs and bulk goods delivery. Example franchises such as Transol and Speedy Freight.

Demand for courier franchises is growing year on year, with many people opting to buy online rather than in store. With many couriers now offering next day delivery at incredibly affordable prices,

One of the benefits of a courier franchise business is that you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

When you invest in a courier franchise opportunity, be it a heavy goods vehicle depot or a smaller bike based delivery franchise, the franchisor will often provide you with everything you need to hit the ground running. This is often included in the franchise investment and includes bike signage or vehicle livery applications, marketing materials, site selection advice and more. Launch services and equipment provided varies from franchise to franchise so be sure to check that this is outlined in the franchise documentation before you buy.

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