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Italian food is a very popular cuisine and many people enjoy it worldwide. Whether you are eating a very Italian authentic dish or just having a pizza from your favourite establishment the love for Italian food has been growing for years in the USA. Suggesting now maybe the right time to launch and Italian food franchise.

How big is the Italian food industry in the USA?

We will now share some facts around our love for Italian food in the USA. Some of these statistics may surprise you. And it truly shows how popular Italian cuisine is here

Did you know :

  • Back in 2018 the basic shelf ready pasta industry made over 2.33$ billion dollars in the USA alone.
  • Also the total sales of dried pasta in the USA made over 3.3$ billion in the US.
  • A survey was taken in the US around how often you eat Italian food and 44% of people asked said they eat Italian food 1 or 2 times a week. Which also shows a huge love for the cuisine.
  • Also the Italian restaurant industry in america since 2013-2018 saw an overall industry growth of 3.7% which shows Italian food is an ever growing industry.
  • The total Italian food market size in the whole of the US also reached a whopping 56$ billion dollars in 2018.
  • The Italian food industry is also great for people looking for employment in the US. Since the total industry employment of Italian food related businesses across the US was estimated at 1,084,199 in 2018.

What do these statistics show for the Italian food industry?

Overall from these statistics you can see an outstanding growth in the Italian food industry which is continuing and ever expanding. Hopefully from these statistics can give you an idea of the huge opportunity that is possible with investing in a Italian food franchise in the USA. You can also see from these statistics the large customer base there is in the USA for Italian food. Reflecting on the statistics above out of the survey according to statista 44% of people asked eat Italian food 1 or 2 times a week which is a huge amount.

Would a Italian food franchise be right for you?

Lastly now you have to ask yourself the question of whether a Italian food franchise would be right for you. Since even though the industry is constantly expanding and reaching new levels its always best to run a business you have a hobby for example. If you have dreams around cooking and running a restaurant an Italian food franchise would be perfect for you. But on the other hand if you are still not convinced around the Italian food industry we highly recommend you to have a look through our franchise directory Since at Franchiseek we believe in diversity offering amazing opportunities to anyone.

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