Don’t Miss Out on CREAM’s Do’sant Ice Cream Sandwich

Cream Dosant

CREAM, a San Francisco-based dessert franchise that specializes in high quality ice cream sandwiches using fresh, oven-baked cookies, is introducing a twist on their delicious sandwiches, the CREAM Do’sant Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Do’sant, a donut-croissant hybrid, is made with laminated pastry dough like a croissant and then fried in grapeseed oil and glazed like a donut. The finished Do’sant, which tastes like an extra flaky glazed donut, is served warm and filled with cool ice cream to complete the tasty treat.

Customers can pair the sweet and flaky Do’sant with any of CREAM’s 20 proprietary ice cream flavors and over 15 toppings.

“At CREAM, we are always bringing childhood favorites back with a modern twist. The Do'sant is the perfect example of the classic donut from our childhood revolutionized in a modern and delicious way to create the donut-croissant ice cream sandwich," said co-founder Gus Shamieh. "My personal favorite is the Do'sant with Salted Caramel ice cream and chocolate sauce - it hits the spot every time.”

The Do’sant Ice Cream Sandwich will debut at CREAM’s California and Nevada stores on June 22.

In addition to releasing its newest ice cream sandwich innovation, CREAM will also be bringing back a fan favorite summer ice cream flavor, Blueberry Cheesecake, for a limited time.

CREAM, which is an acronym for “Cookies Rule Everything Around Me,” offers a menu of over 20 ice cream flavors and 16 cookie flavors and over 15 toppings that customers can mix and match, including vegan and gluten-free options. While the ice cream sandwiches using oven-baked cookies are the main draw, CREAM also has milkshakes, floats, scoops of ice cream, and other baked goods, such as “The Cream Taco,” a waffle cone shaped like a taco loaded with ice cream and toppings.

Since opening its first store in Berkeley in 2010, CREAM has expanded to over 26 locations throughout California, Nevada, and Florida and has 30-40 stores under development.


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