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£65,000 + VAT for a new hand car wash business

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Discover the future of car wash

Established for more than 13 years, we supply hand car wash and valeting services to supermarkets, property owners, retailers and car park operators from nearly 300 locations across the UK.

We are now the n#1 car wash franchise, provider for two of the biggest retailers in the UK: ASDA and Tesco

Since we opened our first car wash in 2006, we have grown at an exceptional rate and thanks to our forward-thinking approach and successful franchise formula we continue to expand. We are actively seeking new franchisees to become part of our success story.

Here’s a summary of your investment with Waves, an investment into the future of car wash:

  • More than 13 years of a proven successful franchise business model
  • A turn-key business providing a fully equipped car valeting centre
  • Industry leading training programme with on-going marketing and operational support
  • Trade from some of the best retail locations, with guaranteed, high quality customer base
  • Tap into the fast-growing trend of “wash while you shop”
  • Exclusive access to Waves’ state of the art technology systems to give you a level of oversight and management that does not exist in any other car wash business
  • Great turnover potential with attractive financial return on your investment
  • Opportunity to own multiple sites

As for any retail service business, the customer base is the main factor for success. With thousands of customers visiting our landlord car parks daily, you are provided with uncapped growth potential.

The success of your business will depend on how well it is marketed and run and if you have the commitment and drive to run the business using the tools and expertise we share with you then the return on investment is yours to maximise.

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Did you know?

  • There are over 35m vehicles in UK
  • £1bl / year spent on car washes each year
  • Fast growing trend of “wash while you shop”

Recent surveys show that approx. 80% of our hand car wash customers nearly always visit the store and/or petrol station, with over half saying that the primary reason was to visit the car wash – this is the ‘Halo’ effect that is so crucial to our Landlords

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The investment into a franchise for a new hand car wash starts from £65,000 + VAT. This includes the franchise fee and the full site build and set-up including training, launch marketing and a fully equipped valeting centre. You will also need working capital to set up your business, including monthly franchise fees and ongoing costs.

We currently have limited opportunities available from £25,000 + VAT where we have an existing business for sale.

Secure your future and start your success story with Waves today – the future of car wash