Hot Dog Academy

Hot Dog Academy

Master Franchise Fee $ 16,000

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Patrick Mauser

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Hot Dog Academy.  As a wholy owned subsidiary of Asian Franchise Academy, Hot Dog Academy is the result of intensence market research. Since we found it impossible to find a decent Hot Dog brand anywhere, we at afa decided to create a super-brand. Hot Dog Academy serves the best 50 Hot Dogs from around the world with three very exciting models.  1. Hot Dog Academy Electric Bike ( one bike included in the franchise fee )  Choice of 20 Hot Dogs 2. Hot Dog Academy Kiosk Choice of 40 Hot Dogs 3, Hot Dog Academy Diner Choice of 50 Hot Dogs  Franchise partners can start small and scale-up as and when conditions are right

Hot dogs sales skyrocket by more than 120% during the coronavirus pandemic, as the world embrace the 'best quarantine food'

  • Hot dog sales surged by more than 120% during the coronavirus pandemic. 
  • 210 Analytics founder Anne-Marie Roerink said Americans' love affair with hot dogs will continue through the summer, as people seek quick, easy meals they can make at home. 
  • Insider's essays editor Sophie Kleeman wrote an opinion piece in April explaining why hot dogs are the "best quarantine food," arguing they are affordable, long-lasting, versatile, and delicious. 
  • Hot Dog Academy will also be offered as a Halal option 
  • Master Franchise Fee from $16,000 
  • Royalty and Marketing Fee 7% 
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