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The CareYourWay Franchise Opportunity

Join a multi-award winning, family-run, recession-proof brand that have nearly two decades experience in care. Make a true difference to people’s lives whilst living a fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle, boasting an impressive income the smart way.

With CareYourWay, you do not need experience within care to launch a franchise. You will be working alongside a Registered Manager who will nurture the care portion of the business. As a franchise partner, you will oversee finance, marketing, people management and the general operations of the business, ensuring that your clients receive outstanding care with the support of Head Office.

Our Story:

Nearly two decades ago, Sarah and Manuel Sabater launched CareYourWay after their family member was terminally diagnosed with cancer. After witnessing a lacklustre service, the duo believed they could bring better care to the industry, boasting an ‘Outstanding’ rating with the Care Quality Commission, alongside dozens of accolades, nearly twenty years later.

With the vision of providing excellent quality care services across country, the family-run CareYourWay launched their franchise opportunity in September of 2021, with multiple franchise partners now operating across the CareYourWay brand.

Why do clients choose us?

Boasting nearly two decades of experience within the care sector and Head Office rated within the top 2-4% of care companies country-wide, we are specialists at what we do. With dozens of recognised awards and accolades, including The Top 10 Best Home Services to Open in 2021, we offer an ‘outstanding’ quality service to our wonderful clients at an affordable price to support them where they’re happiest – at home.

Why a homecare business?

Owning a homecare franchise is extremely rewarding. Every day, you make a life-changing difference to people’s lives. Hearing the stories from family members of how your care has positively impacted their loved ones is truly incredible. Whilst the economic state of the country hangs in the balance, you have the reassurance of knowing the home care industry consistently grows. As a recession-proof brand, CareYourWay continued growing throughout the 2008/2009 recession, and will continue throughout oncoming years.

Our vision:

With head office recognised as one of England’s top 2% of care providers, we strive to change the face of care. Our aim is to help people live independently and happily within the comfort of their own home, striving to empower them to live a stimulating lifestyle with an excellent quality of life.

We pioneer personalised homecare, tailoring our clients’ packages to their own wants, needs and wishes. Our vision, to be known as the best in personalised homecare, where excellence is our habit, not an act, has informed the way in which our care is delivered and the franchisees we choose to work with. Our mission is to create an established business connection that enables people the choice to remain safe and happy in their homes by providing a first-class home care service. We are strong innovators, constantly searching for new ways to improve the quality of care, globally, consistently seeking improved avenues on how to best support our wonderful clients.

The Market Opportunity

Homecare is set to see a colossal growth within the next twenty years. Indicated by research, it’s estimated that three quarters of people will develop a need for social care. With over 1.4 million individuals on a waitlist in July of 2021 in the UK alone, the market has never seen such a demand for quality care at home. The UK is undergoing rapid demographic changes, with the Office of National Statistics predicting that people aged from 85 will grow from 1.6 million to a staggering 3.2 million within just twenty years. With the government continuously pressed with finances, privately-owned healthcare organisations have an opportunity to fill a widening gap.

The Financial Opportunity

Benefiting from our wealth of expert knowledge and funding opportunities, our franchise partners can fruitfully begin their franchise knowing they have the support to build a thriving business.

We are constantly working with franchise partners to ensure that their financial projections are met, crafting a dedicated and detailed plan to launch a thriving business within your area.

Please note, we are unable to guarantee any level of financial achievement, as franchisee performance will vary and have a significant influence of the success of a franchise. We will work diligently with you to ensure you have the support and advice necessary to thrive.

The Investment

For a new franchise, our franchise fee is £29,500 with an ongoing management fee of 5%. We anticipate the total investment required is around £80,000, including working capital and the franchise fee.

A full and impressive five-year margin illustration is available to you once you have decided to proceed with the CareYourWay franchise opportunity.

We have established connections with various high-street banks who will be willing to cover a portion of the franchise fee.

What makes us different:

With a proven model and almost two decades of experience within the care industry, our expert knowledge can help guide your franchise path.

With care in constant, growing demand, our business model is proven, easily functional and the opportunity for income is extremely broad.

Franchise Partner Perks – What you receive:

We are strong believers in supporting our franchisees. As one of our valued franchisees, you will receive:

  • An established brand and proven business model.
  • Dedicated HR, marketing, operations, and finance support.
  • Pre and post launch marketing.
  • Ongoing brand advertising.
  • A dedicated social media platform.
  • A local website (entirely SEO optimised and editable to include local newsand events).
  • An exclusive area of operation.
  • Access to a wide range of material, templates, and tools for all departments.
  • One-to-one franchise mentoring.
  • Excellent CQC compliance and support systems.
  • Training across all aspects of the business.
  • Access to industry-leading care software.
  • Supplier recommendation and offers.
  • Access to a platform containing all key material, including people management, marketing, and operations.
  • Ongoing, tailored business support.


We will provide you with pre-launch training of how to effectively market your business. Furthermore, we will provide you with a variety of materials and tools that provide affordable and impressive results. We wish to stress that you will not be left alone with marketing your business – we offer continuous advice, material, and assistance on how to best reach your clients and we will diligently support your business to success.


Our Hertfordshire offices, who opened in September of 2022, had some fantastic information to share regarding their launch. Please view a video from the Director of CareYourWay Hertfordshire.

Next Steps

If you think you would be the perfect fit for a CareYourWay Franchise, then fill in your details below, and we will send you more information, including a free and comprehensive Franchise Prospectus.