Zebro’s Chicken heats up

There is no denying that South Africans love a braai. Something about the sights and smells, mixed with the bubbling conversation definitely draws people in to want to braai every chance they get.

As any excuse to have a braai will do, more and more South Africans are bypassing the home fires and going to Zebro’s Chicken for that incomparable taste experience, which is healthier and tastier than other fast food chicken offerings. Although fast food choices have expanded dramatically in the past few decades, Zebro’s Chicken maintains its appeal for customers through its distinctive braai’ed taste, achieved by preparing its meals over an open fire. The franchise is arguably the only chain of its size to use this preparation method and flavour profile.

Owned by Taste Holdings, Zebro’s Chicken has become well known for dishing up premium quality chicken and other dishes at an affordable price that represents real value for money. To add even more value to customers, the franchise is offering a delicious meal promotion that is sure to light the fires in their hearts and start winter off on a good foot.

The two new crazy deals are ideal for the individual or for an entire family to share. The ‘Double Winger’ comprises two wings with chips, a roll and a choice of three salads for a mere R25,90, where the ‘Super Feast’ consists of a sixteen piece family bucket, family salad, fours rolls and chips for only R199,90. The promotions will run from 21 April to 10 May 2015.

“It is by means of our promotions that we know we are able to add even more value to the customers’ experience of us,” says Pertunia Tsotetsi, Marketing Manager of Zebro’s Chicken.

“Customer satisfaction is at the top of our agenda and we will continue to strive to create a memorable customer experience that is underpinned by value. We look forward to delighting the taste buds of South Africans who simply cannot get enough of our delectable braai taste.”

The Zebro’s Chicken brand is almost 25 years old and is currently represented through 40 outlets across southern Africa: 22 in the Western Cape, 12 in the Eastern Cape, two in the Northern Cape, two in Gauteng, one in KwaZulu-Natal and one in Namibia. Taste Holdings, acquired Zebro’s Chicken in March 2014 and is successfully leveraging off its existing franchisee base to expand the franchise’s footprint across the region.