Swiss-Belsuites Victoria Park Auckland

The property opened in late October 2016 to offer guests a special upper upscale international hotel and apartment complex that’s a unique and appealing addition to the Auckland and New Zealand’s tourism accommodation facilities.

Auckland developers the Manson Group adopted a sustainable environmental approach during the construction of Swiss-Belsuites Victoria Park which was innovative and responsible. The construction was compliant with Resource Efficiency in the Building and Related Industries (REBRI) standards, which endorsed the site’s waste management plan.

Of the total amount of waste generated during the construction cycle, over 90% was diverted from landfill and sent for recycling. In addition, the materials used during construction were compliant with Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ) and containing minimum levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that easily become vapours or gases.

Contributing to the building’s Green Homestar rating, the newly-built hotel achieved a high level of thermal performance, ensuring heating and cooling requirements are minimised, which combines a cost saving with environmental sustainability. Swiss-Belsuites Victoria Park also has its own home user guide, advising guests of the efficient systems in place.

“In addition to LED lights and low-power appliances, fittings have been installed within each gourmet kitchen and luxury bathroom to reduce water useage,” explained Mac Manson of the Manson Group. “Each unit is also fitted with waste recycling facilities, and for guests looking to futher minimise their carbon footprint, the building is located on the main arterial link and offers a number of public transport options.”

The “green dream” will be made a reality by Swiss-Belhotel International’s management team as they focus on energy consumption minimisation, waste management and efficient use of space and light. The huge heat managed windows give maximum light infusion with minimal heat transference. Wastage of paper and time will be carefully managed with iPad check-in procedures and electronic communications.

“Energy conservation and carbon footprint minimisation is about attitude as much as technical controls,” stated Gavin M. Faull of Swiss-Belhotel International. “It is satisfying to work with developers who are environmentally responsible. We will carry this responsibility into our operational and management procedures.”

The Manson Group and Swiss-Belhotel International plan to continue their environmentally responsible collaboration with new developments that the two groups are working on together in Auckland.