Sexy fast food franchise spices up UK lunch times

Indian burrito franchise is wrapping up the UK fast food market by giving the spice-loving sandwich eater a fresh, healthy and tasty new experience

Trends in the UK food on the go market are clearly changing, with the average consumer becoming increasingly demanding. They want greater portion flexibility, variety, freshness and shareability and if you don’t provide exactly what they require they simply won’t show up.

And when you consider the British sandwich market is currently worth £2.8 billion, and that we spend a staggering £330 billion on takeaways and fast food each year, not giving the consumer what they crave is not an option for any successful food on the go outlet.

Wrapchic, which is Mumbai slang for sexy, is a healthy fast-food outlet which combines delicious Indian food with the convenience of the Mexican wrap. Wrapchic prides itself on having created a new trend in fast-food, as there is nothing else like it around.

Wrapchic was created by Mahesh Raikar in 2012. Mahesh, who has 18 years of food industry experience behind him including a senior role in a Fortune 500 company, wanted to make ever-popular Indian cuisine more easily available to people around the clock, particularly at lunchtime. After working for over two years on the idea, testing and retesting, designing and redesigning, Mahesh invested his own money into opening the first Wrapchic in Birmingham City Centre.

He explains: “We are a business built on wowing our customers, combining heritage alongside invention and a simple and precise business methodology. The idea behind Wrapchic was simple, people all over the world love Indian food, yet there was no way for people to enjoy it with the informality of a lunchtime sandwich. We see ourselves as a new trend in the fast-food market, our success since day one shows the massive demand for the product, there really isn’t anything else like us around.”

Mahesh almost immediately identified Wrapchic as a perfect franchising model in which he could grow his brand, and a year after launching he has franchisees in Leicester, Coventry, Roehampton, Middlesex and Derby. He now has seven franchises around the UK, all enjoying profit levels of between 10% and 18%.

“We have an incredibly strong brand, combined with a unique product range which we are looking to launch on a global scale. The reason why we want franchisees and not simply skilled store managers is we firmly believe that a franchisee will out-perform a salaried manager at every turn, and as such we are looking for investors with ambition, who have a proven track record in this industry who will treat Wrapchic as their own – as it will be!

“We have a proven franchise model that works, so if a franchisee follows it and puts in the hard work, then as we drive the brand forward to newer and greater heights the more their investment will have the opportunity to grow in value. We are also continuously working hard behind the scenes to ensure that all franchisees and their staff have the right support whenever they need it, Wrapchic is a family all striving for the same goal – success, profit and expansion.”

Wrapchic is currently looking for more UK franchisees, and plans are in place to expand internationally. Wrapchic helps all franchisees find and acquire the right premises, design and fit it out, guide them in finding the best staff, and help them market locally in addition to national marketing overseen at head office. All Wrapchic’s gourmet product is freshly made at a central production unit by talented sub continent chefs and delivered on a weekly basis. This means all outlets can guarantee the same high standard of product without the need for a fully trained specialist head chef. Wrapchic has just opened a new 12,000 square feet central production unit with the capacity to supply 100 Wrapchic outlets.

According to the latest annual survey carried out by the British Franchise Association and Nat West franchising has more than doubled in size in the last 20 years and has a turnover of nearly £14billion. It also states that in contrast to the 80% failure rate of new business start ups, 92% of franchise outlets are profitable.