Slim and FIT

Founded by Jaime Brenkus, a health and fitness pioneer for the past 26 years, who developed the million selling, 8 MINUTE ABS video series. Brenkus has helped people lose over 15 Million pounds through his timely fitness programs and sensible, portion controlled nutritional plans. Using Slim & FIT's exclusive 4-2 Slim Plan and trademarked Fusion workouts, our personal nutrition coaches and fitness trainers work with clients to help them lose weight and get fit in a comfortable and private studio setting. The Centers are 1500-2000 square feet. Slim & FIT anchors success by providing client's accountability, behavior modification and healthier lifestyle choices. The program features a patented, Portion Control plate, as well as Slim Meals, such as nutrition bars, shakes, snacks, entrees, soups and drinks for additional profit centers.

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Corporate Address: 7661 Crile Road Concord, OH 44077

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